an American Dream

As real estate prices skyrocket across Portland, residents of the city's 56 mobile home parks face an ever increasing threat of displacement. For some, manufactured homes represent housing of last resort -- a short step from homelessness. For others, they represent a small piece of the American Dream. Two families and a community advocate share their perspectives on what it means to make a home within one of these parks and describe how a new proposed zoning measure could offer stability to communities on the verge of being torn apart. 




Mendez boxing

Tucked into the back corner of a Springfield, Oregon strip mall sits a small and dimly lit boxing gym. The sign on the door reads "Mendez Boxing" resembling the last name of a former professional fighter from Los Angeles, whose career was ended abruptly by the draft of the Vietnam War. Nearly 40 years after completing his service, Heron Mendez is a boxing instructor, educating a variety of fighters about boxing and about life. See more at


Vietnam: sights and sounds




Spiller - a basement session

Ethos Magazine and KWVA Campus Radio present a live studio recording from Spiller in our collaborative Basement Session series.


Lighthouse farm sanctuary

Nearly ten years after their introduction on, couple Gwen and Peter Jakubisin now own and opporate Lighthouse Sanctuary in the rural town of Scio, Oregon. The pair built a farm and dedicated their lives to the rescue and rehabilitation of a variety of abused farm animals from ducks to a blind bison named Helen. 


The Youth Grant initiative


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