Forrest Initiative

James Hall, now six, was diagnosed with autism in June of 2013. Over a year later he was diagnosed with epilepsy, a condition that causes repeated, sudden and brief changes in the brain's electrical activity. His condition was resulting in regular and intese siezures, some lasting over an hour and occuring multiple times throughout the day. After multiple trips to the emergency room, James' mother Paige was desperate for a medical solution. Various pharmaceutical perscriptions helped reduce the length of the epileptic fits, but James was left with intense side effects that altered his mood, emotions and sleep.

After numerous appointments and medication trials, Paige decided to seek out an alternative answer to her son's problem. In October of 2016, Paige signed James up for a medical marijuana card. James was immidiately welcomed to TJ's Gardens Forrest Initiative program. The program provides CBD and THC extracts to familes of children who meet certain medical criteria at no charge. Since the introduction of Cannabis oil as a treatment for James, his seizures have dramatically reduced in length, severity and frequency. 



TJ's Gardens dispensary and grow operation started the Forrest Innitiative in 2014 when owner Travis Mackenzie met a client who made their own alcohol-based CBD extracts to treat their chronic seizures. Mackenzie, who has a science background, recognized that the homemade extracts were not being made correctly or effeciently. He decided to formulate his own tincture for the client and prescribed her to 6mg of CBD oil a day. The client's seizures reduced dramatically from 90 per month to almost none over the first few months of treatment. 

Today, TJ's hosts over 140 families in the area supplying them with free cannabis medicine for a variety of ailments, diseases and disorders.